DDS File Coruption

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DDS File Coruption

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Brief Description :
When I convert any type of file to DDS (Even DDS) It will get corrupted when outputted to DDS.
Most of the time it makes it unopenable, but occasionally half with pieces missing. I assume this is from a different DDS format being loaded.
The file size also shrinks down from 1302kb to just 257kb. Always 257kb no matter the starting format.
Steps :
1. Drag a picture.
2. Convert to DDS.
3. Try to view with a program that can view DDS.
It crashes the software that I use or does not appear, hower most applications will display strange cropping and lines
I am on Windows 10 with Intel Intergrated graphics.
Example Files :
Before #1 : []
After #1 : []
Before #2 : [Before]
After #2 : [Before 2] [Settings]