How to associate image files with XnView

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How to associate image files with XnView

Post by helmut »

When double clicking on a .doc file in MS Explorer, MS Word is started and your document is shown. The same can be easily achieved for your image files by setting the Windows file associations via XnView. Read below.

What are file associations?
In Windows, there are so-called Associations (File associations), which make sure that a specific file type is opened with a specific program. The file type (or extension) is the part of the file name left of the last dot in the filename (e.g. "jpg" for a file named "image.jpg"). When renaming a file, you should make sure that you the extension (here: "jpg") remains unchanged; otherwise, the file may not open properly anymore.

How to associate...
1. Start XnView
2. Open the options dialog using "Tools > Options"
3. Switch to category "Associations"
4. Select the file types that you would like to associate with XnView.
5. Confirm the options dialog by clicking the "OK" button.

Are there other ways to associate files?
The file associations are maintained by Windows and are stored in the Windows registry. There are ways to set the file types supported by MS Windows, i.e., using the "Open with..." dialog or the options of MS Explorer, but these methods will fail when association files with XnView. When associating image files with XnView you MUST use XnView to set the associations.

Troubleshooting / Possible error messages
- Error "Error opening <path name>"
If associations are not set properly, XnView may start up when double-clicking on a file but may display an error message right after starting: "Error opening <path name>". In this case please reassociate the image files using the above steps.

- XnView starts but does not display image
If XnView starts but does not display the image, you might have a look at topic "Can't view JPG file by using XnView".

This FAQ was triggered by various error reports, e.g.
- Can't open file when path contains space character
- Error opening graphic files in Explorer
- Can't view JPG file by using XnView
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Re: How to associate image files with XnView

Post by hev »

"How to" above is not valid for Windows 8.
In Windows 8 file associations can't be set by XnView. :( This is Windows 8 limitations in the current moment. Any program can't set or get default program (set file association) for any file type.
In Windows 8 users should manually associate corresponding file types with XnView. Users may do this via corresponding file context menu items ("Open" or "Open with / Choose default program...") or via Default programs control panel.
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Re: How to associate image files with XnView

Post by Phred. »

This doesn't tell the whole story, I'm afraid.

XnView itself carries two associations, for the F3 and F4 keys: Associated Program and Associated Editor, respectively. These are found under File | Open with.., and right-click | Open with..

It's taken me a while to realise that these functions aren't referring to XnView, but to Windows' own associations.

The trouble with the discussion here is that the association applies to only the 'Open' function under F3.

I would like to know how to configure the 'Editor' function as well.