Creation and modification dates

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Creation and modification dates

Post by bdragon »

Usually i keep the folder with the images ordered by creation date, so i know which files to batch convert.

Ever since i've switched to 0.87 i noticed that batch conversion will modify creation date.

This is probably due to the fact that before images were mostly overwritten (if JPGs) and now they are no created from scratch.

However, while before i could select "images created since yesterday" if i was tired, now i have to hand select each image or reorder pictures by time instead of by folder (which was more useful) or create custom searches wherein i have to input not only the date of the last batch conversion but also the exact time. This is now no more possible.

Modification date is kept, creation, however is not.

On one side i know keeping at least one of those two straight might be useful, but for me usually it's more important to keep both as they were, if possible. One tells me when the image was taken, the other tells me when the image was last moved or copied.
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Re: Creation and modification dates

Post by xnview »

O.k., thank you, I can also reproduce the problem. See issue 1318 for current status and some details.