0.87: some page sizes can't be selected

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0.87: some page sizes can't be selected

Post by raf82 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:45 pm

Hello all!

I usually print from XnViewMP on Windows to a HP Photosmart D7360 printer, on photo paper (page size 10 x 15 cm).
I'm trying to do the same from XnViewMP on Linux: File > Print... > Page Setup. There's a huge list of page sizes. I've confirmed that they come from System Menu > Printers > [Select a printer] > Properties > Printer Options > Media Size.

Looking for the desired page size, I found 2 "bugs". I call these bugs but I'm not sure they are and what to do with that.
Should I proceed to create a topic in the bug reports sub-forum?
If so, should I create one or two bug reports?
Oh and how do I print to a 10 x 15 cm paper? :)
Details follow.

The first bug is that the list of page sizes is from one of the printer installed, but the printer to be used is only selected after clicking Print. Another printer, a Canon MP600, is also installed on this computer...
The workaround I used was to click the print button, choose the printer, cancel and then return to File > Print. The list of page sizes is now the one of the previously chosen printer.
I suggest to add a tab in first position in the File > Print... dialog to allow for printer selection. Next tabs would depend on this selected printer for their settings. I think this is a common way to print. See LibreOffice or `xed` (TextEditor) for example.

I'm looking for the 10 x 15 cm page size I'm used to in Windows. Labels don't match between Windows and Linux, possibly because I'm using the French locale in both OSes but the Linux list is in English. Or a driver difference, because there's "only" 23 formats in Windows and much more in Linux. Anyway.

The second bug I found was that I can not select some page sizes. For example, if I click on "Photo Borderless 4x6 in" in the page size list, the list closes down but the previous default value (A4) is still selected. I expect the value I clicked on to be selected and the width and height fields to be updated to the selected page size.

I ran `xnview` from the console to see if it triggered any related message but did not see one. I couldn't find any verbose option so maybe I missed something here.

It seems I'm not the first to report something similar, although most are filed in the XnView Classic sub-forums (see these two old unanswered ones). There's this one about XnView MP on Linux. I checked the lpoptions file and it only contains a default resolution for one of the printers.

Joined are the first 25 page size options for each printer with an indication to show if they are selected when clicked on or not.
For the HP printer, almost all "Small Margins" variant tested are selectable, whereas "Borderless" or "empty" variants are not.

XnView MP Linux
Version 0.87 32bits (Sep 6 2017)
Libformat version 7.10
Fichier INI : /home/raphael/.config/xnviewmp/xnview.ini
XnViewMP Linux Page Sizes.pdf
First 25 page size options for each printer with an indication to show if they are selected when clicked on or not
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