XView MP blocks directory from deletion

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XView MP blocks directory from deletion

Post by dergilbwillspam »

Hi all,

I'm not sure if it's a bug, so I put it here.

Deleting a file currently open in XnView with Windows Explorer is no problem, but deleting a directory (with no files open in XnView MP, just the directory) is, because "Folder In Use". Right now, if I cannot delete a directory, the first thing I do is to close all XnView MP windows.


1. D:\test\test.jpg is open in XnView MP
2. Deleting test.jpg outside of XnView MP is possible, e.g. with Windows Explorer
3. Deleting D:\test is not possible, because the path (not the file, we deleted that in step 2.) is open in XnView MP -> "Folder In Use".

Maybe there's a way to prevent XnView from locking directories?
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Re: XView MP blocks directory from deletion

Post by Tehbotol »

sorry to bring this old thread, since i tried searching on it and this topic is the only i can find.
is this locking behavior is normal?
since it's not just directory but also the file that xnview currently selected (previewed) are locked from deletion and yet in another session i can delete without any issue, so it seem it's a bug since there's two different outcome.

i frequently encounter this when xnview hangs because the video thumbnails bug, and i tried to delete the video file using file explorer it said the file is in use by xnview mp, so may guess it's related to loading, perhaps when xnview still loading thumbnail or other info the file is locked, and when it's done the file is unlocked?

will try to reproduce it again later

xnview mp 0.93.1, windows 10 x64
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