[0.91b4] 2 bugs on move

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[0.91b4] 2 bugs on move

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Pre: Files marked with color tag or categorized
1. Select files
2. Via right click menu choose move to
3. Move to different folder
4. Check files in new folder

1. Last processed file will not move. Error message: Cannot remove source. Duplicate file dialog appears. If chosen to rename, then duplicate files get created in selected destination folder as many times as attempted but file won't get deleted in source folder.
2. All files that have been moved lost their color tag and/or their assigned category

I think this is a serious issue. Imagine I have hundreds of tagged or categorized files and simply move them to another folder. After that all categories are lost and cannot be re-established. I don't think this issue was present with b3.
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Re: [0.91b4] 2 bugs on move

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do you have always these bugs with 0.97?