Video navigation bar in preview are not working

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Video navigation bar in preview are not working

Post by Tehbotol »

when playing video sometime the navigation bar (Time Slider) are locked (and doesn't move when playing) and are unable to be clicked (cannot use the time jump)
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and strangely when i select another file and back to that video and play it again the navigation bar work without issue.

this issue only happen in preview panel, double clicking the video will always result in working navigation bar

edit: seem it only happen when you select at a video (clicking once on the video file), and you select another video and play it in preview window it will result in navigation bar disabled, but when you select a photo and back to the video the navigation bar is working without issue.

example: in the folder there is a.jpg b.mp4 c.jpg d.mp4
when you select b.mp4 and then select d.mp4 and play the d.mp4 in the preview panel the navigation bar is disabled, but if you select a.jpg then play d.mp4 the navigation work
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Re: Video navigation bar in preview are not working

Post by xnview »

i can't reproduce, could you send me the files used?
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