How to resize animated GIF?

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How to resize animated GIF?

Post by shockwave »

Sorry for my english, bu I cant help myself, I dont know how to resize the moving GIF. Can you help me about it? Please send me the procedure, the progress. Thank you very much.
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Post by Drahken »

You can't edit animated gifs in xnview, you have to use some other prog.
One way to do it with freeware:
1) Go into options->general and check the "disabled gif/jif animation" option.

2) Go to tools->multipage->extract all into, and choose the gif format.

3) Use xnview to resize the gif files you just created (either 1 by 1, or using the batch function).

4) Download unfreeze or some similar prog and use it to reassemble the individual gifs back into an animated one.