Handling of XMP sidecar files

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Handling of XMP sidecar files

Post by breydi »

Like many of us, I'm shooting JPG + RAW, RAW being CR2 or ORF in my case. I'm using JPG as file being displayed in XNView MP with the RAW file as sidecar.

My Problem:
Only the .JPG.XMP sidecar file is updated, but not the .RAW.XMP.

This is the same issue that was highlighted in this post viewtopic.php?f=96&t=29532&start=30#p153989, but it looks like it has never been resolved.

My first assumption was that when adding {ext}.xmp to the sidecar configuration ([jpg | cr2;orf;{ext}.xmp]) it would help, but this doesn't work, still only the .JPG.XMP is updated.

Is there any other solution that I did not find?

If not: Is there any chance to have this (Update of all related XMP sidecar files) implemented?

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