TIFF CCITT Group 4 Compression

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TIFF CCITT Group 4 Compression

Post by Raja2108 »

We need to Convert the Grayscale TIFF into Black & White TIFF as per the following specification:

Input: TIFF (Grayscale, LZW Compression, version 6.0)

Output: TIFF

                Color Mode: Black & White

                Compression: CCITT Group 4,

                TIFF Version: 6.0

                TIFF tag: Date and time of image creation (Code: 306) 

We have tried to converting the above format using some application, the Date and time tag is removing after saving CCITT Group 4 compression. Customer required to retain the Date & time tag in the Black & White TIFF image with CCITT Group 4 compression.

When using XnView TIFF 6.0 is changed as 5.0 and not retaining the Date Time tag.

So Kindly let us know any application for converting Group 4 compression with Date Time TIFF tag.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: TIFF CCITT Group 4 Compression

Post by cday »

For batch conversion XnConvert has an option on the Output tab 'Keep original date/time attributes' which should, subject to confirmation if you test it, preserve the date and time tag of the input files.

I'm not sure concerning TIFF 5 and 6, I thought 6 is very much the norm now, and I believe it is used in XnView software including XnConvert.

XnConvert use is reasonably self-explanatory if you work your way along the tabs from left to right.