Contact Sheet - Order of images [Solved]

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Contact Sheet - Order of images [Solved]

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I just installed XnView and I like it, but I am confused about one thing - maybe a bug or feature :D

In the overview I can sort the images in various ways, however the Contact Sheet function always prints them in reversed order (of filename or EXIF?).
The original file names consist of Date_cameraIndex.jpg and corresponding EXIF information:

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In the Contact Sheet they appear first the *816.jpg, then *.810.jpg and last *.754.jpg.

Is there any way to influence the order of Contact Sheet? If not, it might be a very useful feature!


[Solved] => I found the little triangle in the register "File List"...
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Re: Contact Sheet - Order of images [Solved]

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Thank you for posting that, it has provided a solution to a problem I have had in XnView MP with the order of images! :D

In the XnView MP browser option Create > Join images... the order in which the selected images will be joined isn't very intuitive, and I have often been frustrated when the output is not as expected.

I see now that the 'File list' heading has a similar inconspicuous small arrow that enables the order of the selected files to be reversed directly, black not red, though.