Set up companion files

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Set up companion files

Post by obelisk »

I want to know how everyone sets this up.

I would usually have RAW, TIF, JPG, XMP of a file
I don't understand what this imnr pp3 on1 etc mean

Usually I filter out raw file with exclude
htm html mht mhtml xml xhtml eml nws url svg svgz nef cr2 raw pef dng tmp

Because I only want to see TIF JPG

If I delete raw i want to delete all the rest for sure
I'm not sure what to set up
eg if I delete JPG but raw exists, then I don't want to delete XMP right?
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Re: Set up companion files

Post by lphilpot »

<raw filename>.pp3 is RawTherapee's processing 'recipe' (parameters) sidecar file. If you're not using RawTherapee you shouldn't see them, or at least won't need them.
Len Philpot