Cannot delete read-only files using Shift+Delete

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Cannot delete read-only files using Shift+Delete

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I have a folder filled with read-only files. When I select one file and press "delete", the file is sent to the recycle bin (after confirmation). However, when I press Shift+Delete and confirm, the file remains in the folder and is not deleted.

Windows 10, XNView MP 0.99.6 64bits (Dec 10 2021).

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Re: Cannot delete read-only files

Post by helmut »

Thank you for your bug report, Marion.

I've just tried this out and can confirm this bug: :bugconfirmed:
Deleting files that are not read-only works with both "Delete" and "Shift+Delete". Deleting files that are read-only works with "Delete" but not with "Shift+Delete".

PS: Until now I didn't even know that there is a difference in pressing "Delete" and "Shift+Delete". Difference is that "Delete" moves the file to recycle bin while "Shift+Delete" deletes the file (without moving it to the recycle bin).