0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

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0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by bsolar »

XnView: MP 0.99.7 - 64 bit
OS: Mac 64bit

In Fullscreen, scrolling with the mouse wheel or pressing the arrow buttons moves to the previous/next image. When doing it slowly enough, every mouse wheel "click"/button press correctly changes the selected image, but when trying to faster the file selection at some point stop advancing. I assume the application waits to complete the rendering of the image before accepting the next event or something.

Effect: Attempting to quickly move through images in fullscreen causes the selected image not to change as expected.

To reproduce:
1. Open XnView MP in a directory with multiple images.
2. Go in Fullscreen mode on one of the images.
3. Attempt to scroll quickly to previous or next images, or move quickly through images by quicly pressing an arrow button.
Actual behaviour (bug): The selected image does not always change.

Expected behaviour: Files are advanced according to the amount of "clicks" from the scroll wheel/arrow button presses.
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Re: 0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by helmut »

Thank you for your good problem report, bsolar. I've just tried to reproduce your problem but with little success: Navigation / scrolling through images works very quickly and without delay and without stop advancing. What I noticed, though, that when scrolling fast using the mouse wheel you have to use the wheel many times to navigate from first to last image while when scrolling slowly every wheel click will navigate to the next image.

I suspect that stop advancing is because images cannot be loaded fast enough. Are both settings "Read one image ahead" and "Two pass rendering at loading" activated? You'll find these settings in Tools > Settings | Category "View" | Tab "Misc". Does your Mac have a HDD or a SDD? Do other people on Mac experience this problem?

My platform:
XnView MP 0.99.7 - 64bit
OS: Windows 10
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Re: 0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by uksamo »

Hi Folks, I have a very similar issue with my new M1 Mac. On my previous Windows PC 1 click of the scroll wheel would advance 1 image when viewed in both the viewer and full screen. On my Mac it doesn't seem to matter how many click I scroll my wheel, I seem to only be able to advance by approximately 1 images per 1-2 seconds. If I scroll very slowly, approximately 1 click per second I normally advance to the next image each click, though approx 1 in 6 clicks still get missed.

I don't believe it's directly related to the rendering/loading of the next image as I can zoom through the whole album using my arrow keys, and no matter how fast I tap the arrow key, the next image is already visible with no obvious loading wait time. I'm using a new MacBook Pro with a Logitech M720 mouse. I've tried with and without the Logitech software installed and that makes no difference. For now I'll use the arrow keys as the mouse wheel doesn't feel usable or reliable at the speed it scrolls, especially when quickly trying to scan through an album.

Any fixes to improve mouse wheel scrolling would be very appreciated. Please let me know if there's any other debugging or information I could provide that may help. Thanks.
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Re: 0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by xnview »

yes a known issue, the mouse wheel has a high precision. Is it possible to send you a test version?
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Re: 0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by Kenny Dave »

Any news on this? I'm still jumping several images using the mousewheel in full screen. I'm in Ubuntu 22.04 and XNViewMP 1.5.5 64bit.

Could we maybe have an adjuster in settings if it's about sensitivity? I don't think it is about sensitivity though; sometimes it doesn't move at all, then it will jump the 5 images or whatever.

I can turn down the wheel sensitivity for the system, and have too slow a scroll in firefox etc. But it still won't consistently move one image in XNView. It does the same thing, but slower: no move, then jumps a few if I keep turning the wheel.

It wasn't always thus, 3 or so versions ago I think it was ok. I can try rolling back and see if my memory is correct.

Edit: it turns out that this is a mouse driver issue, which I've sorted in a way that XNView doesn't see. It can therefore be ignored as an issue in XNView.
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Re: 0.99.7: Fullscreen previous/next image selection is sluggish

Post by DickerKoenig »

Same to me. (MacBook, MacOS Sonoma 14.1).
Especially scrolling the thumbs ist far too fast with trackpad and with mouse.
This is my one and only problem with XnView!