Incorrect resolution with 100% zoom

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Incorrect resolution with 100% zoom

Post by BK201 »

When viewing image with 100% zoom (no zoom), line or column is missing for some image (I didn't found the pattern but I found some example)

`demo.png` is a blank image with few color dots in the corner, open it at 100% zoom, then you can noticed that first line and last column is missing
You can confirm this by looking closer (for 1080p or smaller monitor) or using PrtSc or any screen shot application (for 4k or larger)

I'm using 150% DPI scaling on Windows 10, in case it's related since I already got two problems for this

Demo image:
What it actually looks like:
What it looks like in xnview (no zoom):

Windows 10 x64
xnviewmp x64 0.99.7
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Re: Incorrect resolution with 100% zoom

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce