v7.99 : no more resampling with -rtype hanning?

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v7.99 : no more resampling with -rtype hanning?

Post by JeanMich »

I've found an old batch script I made a couple of years ago. In it I had

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-rtype hanning 
Today I downloaded the most recent nconvert (because, you know) and tested the script and it worked like a charm. Great!
For the fun, I checked the available options in case I could improve the script with a petit quelque chose de plus

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nconvert.exe -?
the hanning method was not listed anymore :shock: instead I had

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-rtype            : Type of resampling
              quick    : Quick resize
              linear   : Bi-linear (linear)
              hermite  : Hermite
              gaussian : Gaussian
              bell     : Bell
              bspline  : Bspline
              mitchell : Mitchell
              lanczos  : Lanczos
So, is it that the help is not uptodate? Or is it correct and my script is not actualy performing an hanning resampling but something else? If so, which method?

Whatever the answer, thanks for this great program !

(By the way the version I have is indeed v7.99 whereas it's v7.98 on the forum page.)
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Re: v7.99 : no more resampling with -rtype hanning?

Post by xnview »

it's an error in the help, always supported