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Post by w64bit »

CopyClipboard=1 seems not to work as expected.
The Ctrl+C command is copying into clipboard the image and the path.
Paste in Word -> you get the image
Paste in Notepad -> you get the path
Is it possible to have only the image copied to clipboard for CopyClipboard=1, as intended by the developer? When pasting into Notepad to paste nothing.
or to fix CopyClipboard=2, only for copying the image.
Now, =2 is doing the same thing as =1.
Thank you.
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Re: CopyClipboard=1

Post by Timur »

I did not know about this option, as it is not in xnview.ini, very nice, easier that Ctrl+Shift+C. Works for me, copies image and path.
Is there a similar to copy from Clipboard like CopyFromClipboard=1? Instead of Ctrl+Shift+V.