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thomas buffry

transparency convertion

Post by thomas buffry »

I am looking for converting gif files into jpeg files, and i encounter a serious probleme, half of my images had a black background, others have a wihte background, this should be interesting to be able to choose our background, when file format such as jpeg does'nt support transparancy.

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Post by Drahken »

All images have a background color, even transparent ones (transparent images are merely told not to display that particular color, but it's still in the image, and is shown if the program you're using doesn't support transparency). The background color of the image is chosen when the image is first created. However, you can change it. Before you convert it, click on image->colormap (or hit ctrl+M) and look for the square that has a box around it:
Now double click that square and choose any color you want.
Click OK, and when you save the image as JPG, the background will be the color you just chose.
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