Image adjustment/transformation scripts

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Image adjustment/transformation scripts

Post by JohnFredC »

Sometimes a particular series of manual adjustments works well with many images.

It would be helpful if XnView could automatically record (and save in an *.xbs file) an image adjustment/transformation script for the image one is adjusting. Then it would be convenient to import the script into the tranformations panel of the batch dialog for modification and/or execution...

For "undo", the recorder would automatically remove the previous action from the script instead of stacking action/undo pairs.

An options toggle for "Record image adjustments/transformations to script file" would be good, along with a method of automatically naming the file (based on the image name, perhaps). Users wouldn't need this for every image, though, so placement of the toggle in the toolbar or Image menu of each image might be better than the Options dialog, I think.

A logical extension of this would be a "play script" button, too.
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