It is Working in 10.3.4

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David D

It is Working in 10.3.4

Post by David D »

I downloaded and installed version 1.7 and also installed X11 from apple and I am happy to say xn view is working pretty well. For my PC I have a program called SuperJPG from MidnightBlue software (which is no longer available) which I have always loved but was disappointed when I could not find anything similar for Mac (free or otherwise). Xn view is very similar to SuperJPG. One difference is that instead of putting thumbnail information into the resource fork of every file SuperJPG will put a special file called superjpg.tnc into every folder you are browsing. This is what is keeping track of the thumbnail info, I think. Creating thumbnails quickly and then keeping them for fast browsing is probably the most important aspect of browser software to me. With Xnview the speed when creating the thumbnails is just OK, but of course even faster would be better.

I was confused by the xterm starting up, and having Xnview open with just a really small window stuck behind xterm, but now that I changed the options so that Xnview starts up in "browse" it is really working well for me.

Thank you for a really great program- the best for Mac!!!!

PS: Also downloaded PC version which is great also!