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Enhancement to Compare

Post by JohnFredC » Sun Jun 18, 2006 6:48 pm

Here's my task: Imagine two folders of image files with identical names. The images themselves differ, but the filenames are the same. I would like to start with the first image in one of the folders, view it, and also display the corresponding image (in the second folder) directly beside it so that the two images can be compared. In addition, I need the ability to march sequentially (with forward/back buttons, for instance) through the images of one of the folders and have the second view synchronized by filename with the first one.

The current implementation of Compare doesn't quite fit this need. First, as far as I can tell, it will only compare images that reside in the same folder. Second, it has no navigation buttons or "synchronization" capability.

An initial implementation of such a function (without the navigation part)might be to extend the Compare feature to allow me to select multiple tabs, then Compare them.

A work-around (of renaming files and copying into the same folder together, then using Compare) is close to my request, but without the navigation part. The renaming and relocating is also not really acceptable on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for listening!

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