Keys in Slideshow?

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Tom E.

Keys in Slideshow?

Post by Tom E. »


I'm just testing XnView and have to say that I'm very impressed.

One question I have so far:

If I get the help right the PG-UP and PG-DN keys are supposed to be active in a slideshow too. I can't get them to work there, though in viewer mode all is fine.

Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance and best regards
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Re: Keys in Slideshow?

Post by helmut »

I have just tried the keys PG-UP and PG-DOWN in slide show, and found that these do work in XnView 1.66. Though if you have "Use Timer" activated, the timer will "disturb" your manual navigation: If you navigate one image back, the timer might elapse and navigate to the next image.

Please double-check.
Tom E.

Keys in Slideshow?

Post by Tom E. »

Hello Helmut,

thanks for your reply! I tested it some more and here's what I found out:

In general it seems to be the cursor keys instead of PG-UP and PG-DN, that let me cycle through the pictures in a slideshow. Got it working with those now.

What confused me was that I had activated "random" slideshow. Then the cursor keys brought up random pictures it seems. Sounds obvious, hu? ;-)

But: Is there any feature to switch to the last and next picture in a slideshow via hotkeys, even if "random" is activated?

What I'm looking for is a random slideshow, which can be controlled by voice (macros in IBM ViaVoice) for pausing, unpausing, switching forward and backward, and deleting or moving single pictures.

Any hints will be appreciated, thanks again.

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Re: Keys in Slideshow?

Post by crazytb »

Tom E. wrote:But: Is there any feature to switch to the last and next picture in a slideshow via hotkeys, even if "random" is activated?
This is like ACDSee behaved and I was going to ask for this in XnView.

Here is how ACDSee works (you don't need to "emulate" it, though). Consider a Slide Show (Slide Show or simple View mode are equivalent, all functionality is equal on both modes) with "random order".
  • Space / backspace - next/previous image in "random" sequence. Note that if pressing space I get E, H, F, A files in this order, pressing backspace I also get them in order: A, F, H, E.
  • Page Up / Down - next/previous image in "sort" order. If I am showing image img006, and next "random" image is img035, pressing page down go to img007. Then, if I press page up (I went back to img006) and press space, I will go to img035.
  • Pause - enable/disable slide show mode. In XnView, I think it is a bit like "space" key, which pauses the slideshow.
You don't need to make XnView behave exactly as ACDSee, but I think you may "steal" some ideas from it. Sometimes at a SlideShow I like to see again the previous (random) image and I also like to see the images "near" of current one, like if it was not random.

Thanks for reading this not-small message.
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Post by qda »

i REALLY wish the random order keyboard keys took you to the previous/next image in the 'random' order, like AcdSEE

please implement this, so that i can finally use xnView