[bug] [batch] Variables Date (creation, modified ) fail

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[bug] [batch] Variables Date (creation, modified ) fail

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Hi, XnViewmp is great but have a problem :

Rename with variable date don't work in convert batch

I try this pattern :

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{Creation Date [Y-m-d]}_#####
and have as result :

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I:\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\Screenshots\screenshot-0044.png 1904x1002x24 : chargé
F:\Temp\XN\_00001.jpg : sauvé

I:\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\Screenshots\screenshot-0043.png 1904x1002x24 : chargé
F:\Temp\XN\_00002.jpg : sauvé

Script xbs :

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><XnView_script version="1.0" name="steampoe">
    <Output folder="F:/Temp/XN" filename="{Creation Date [Y-m-d]}_#####" case="0" format="JPEG">
        <Options overwrite="1" orgDate="true" keepMeta="true" keepICC="false" keepFolder="false" delOrg="false" multipage="false" allPages="false" openExplorer="true" clearItems="false"/>
        <JPEG quality="90" progressive="false" optimizeHuffman="false" rebuildThumb="true" orgQuality="false" DCTMethod="0" subSampling="0" smoothFactor="0"/>
Applications :
XnConvert Version 1.63 - windows x64 (Feb 10 2014) - Libformat version 6.55
XnViewMP Version 0.68 (May 19 2014) Libformat version 6.58
OS : Windows Seven 64bits

But in rename batch in XnViewMP it's work ....
Thanks for this program :wink:

PS : just look at the steampoe.bat generated by button 'export for nconvert' and has just

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:shock: ...
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Re: [bug] [batch] Variables Date (creation, modified ) fail

Post by xnview »

See Issue 424 for current status and details.