Trying to convert a MIX to a jpg.

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Trying to convert a MIX to a jpg.

Post by ChuanChe »

When I try converting it, program says that this is not an image. I'm working with a couple of files that were made with PhotoDraw and Picture it! long time ago.

How can i solve this problem?

Thank you.
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Re: Trying to convert a MIX to a jpg.

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Unfortunately, MIX is a closed proprietary format. XnView can only read embedded thumbnails from such files and relies on an I/O plug-in (Xcompound.dll) to do so.
In order to install the plug-in, you have to download (3D Studio Max + Picture It! + Image Composer) and extract the contents of the archive into the Plugins subdirectory of your XnView installation.
XnTriq ([url=]Old PhotoWorks floppy disk[/url]) wrote:
.MIX = MS Picture It! & MS PhotoDraw & MS Image Composer
Wikipedia (Microsoft PhotoDraw » [url=]Use of the .MIX file format[/url]) wrote:PhotoDraw's native file format is “.mix”, a proprietary format developed by Microsoft. Only PhotoDraw can save and load its MIX files and retain the full ability to modify those files.
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