AVIF support

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AVIF support

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Browsers support AVIF, XnView MP should too.
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Re: AVIF support

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AVIF is supported already
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Re: AVIF support

Post by Orios »

Hello Pierre, how can I enable AVIF support for XnViewMP in Linux?

XnViewMP is not able to recognize this format, and AVIF (as well as HEIF) are not even listed by the XnViewMP app among supported formats either for reading or writing even in Linux environments where I can enable AVIF support for other image browsers like Gvenview. It applies to XnViewMP distributed in both Debian and AppImage packages (downloaded from XnView.com websites).

It's pity because XnView is a great piece of software that I find useful especially for batch conversions to latest space-efficient image formats like AVIF and HEIF. Thank you for your answer and for your work on XnView!