File exists, overwite? Yes, again, and again, and again...

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File exists, overwite? Yes, again, and again, and again...

Post by jaxdevil »

I am the 'batch processing' option to convert images to jpg, but when I do it it keeps saying the file already exists do I want to overwrite (even though I checked to keep sub directory structure so it should not be having any file existing errors, since there is only one of the file in any directory, its impossible to have two files of the same name in any directory. But even so it is giving me that erro, so I just click 'Yes' to overwrite, and it keeps poping up again and again and again, with the number of images I am doing I would need to press the 'Yes' button thousands of times to finish the batch. I tried adding in the ShowSaveDlg = 130 and SaveAdvDlg=1 and it still comes up, it never gives me an option to just overwrite always. How can I fix that so I don't have to hit enter a few thousands times to complete a batch?

I appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance,