Désactiver "'Ne plus demander"

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Désactiver "'Ne plus demander"

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J'ai par mégarde cliqué "'Ne plus demander" dans une confirmation de remplacement de fichier. Comment le désactiver ?

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Re: Désactiver "'Ne plus demander"

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Claude “Clo” Charries: Aide de XnView » Options » Entrées <INI> supplémentaires

[quote="Clo (Turn off "confirm on overwrite"?)"]Use the INI entries below, to add by hand :
ShowSaveDlg= Flag
¤ 0: The dialogue'll remain disabled for the current session only.
¤ 129: The dialogue'll be displayed in all cases.
¤ 130: The dialogue'll never be displayed, even in the next sessions. These flags define the behaviour of the programme when one ticks the box :
“Never display this dialogue again” when a file is modified and closed. Since 1.90 ß-4.
Allows a fine-tuning of the previous entry functions above by saving the state of the advice dialogue.
Using it, you may avoid the unwanted “Overwrite” dialogue when saving a changed file only.
File exists, overwite? Yes, again, and again, and again...