Options Revolution finds it way into 1.90... :)

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Options Revolution finds it way into 1.90... :)

Post by Olivier_G »

This is a spin-off from the original Options Revolutions thread to focus on important remaining issues for 1.90.

First: the interface with both Treelist and Tabs works really well. I love that new 'Options' window... :D

Issues (based on Beta 6):
- Rename "After 'Save as', change filename" to "Work with saved file" (or any better suggestion... :idea: With this option, XnView considers file used in last 'Save as' instead of original file for further display/dialog/action).
- Can someone explain the use of "Current" for Startup directory???

- Rename first tab "Keyboard/Mouse" to "Viewer".

- Rename "Choose the formats which you use most... bla-bla" to "Favourite save formats".

- What is "Use default tab control" for? (Tabs are not properly drawed with that option... :? )

> 'Folder tree'
- Shouldn't "Folder tree" be renamed to the more generic "Treeview"? (cf: Favourites and Categories in addition to Folders)
- I would prefer to remove 'Use label in tab' option and leave it always enabled.
> 'Misc'
- 'Keep original date/time attributes' is unnecessary, IMO, as already available in GENERAL>File Operations ('keep date/time for saving').
- What is 'Use Lossless rotation when possible (JPEG)' for?

- Use the following column titles:

Code: Select all

          List item in        |    Create    |  Show in
Thumbnail views | Other views |   thumbnail  |  Preview
...and remove "Please... bla bla".
(current "show item" and "show as thumbnail" are not different enough. "Show" used everywhere is not efficient)

- I would prefer 'Use embedded thumbnail'>"only if larger than XnView thumbnail size" (*).
- Rename "Show 4 thumbnails in folder's thumbnail (instead of 1)" to "Use 4 images instead of 1 for folder's thumbnail".

- Rename "Use delayed high quality for pictures larger than (pixel)" to "Delay high quality for pictures larger than [ ] MegaPixels" and update the method used.

Thank you for your feedback/opinion.
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Post by helmut »

Olivier, your option revolution was really a very good idea and great initiative. It has cleared up options a lot and wading through them is more fun, now. Thank you very much for this!

I'll have a closer look at your latest proposals and will comment them.
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Mystery and gum---

Post by Clo »

—> Olivier_G

:) Hello !
…- Can someone explain the use of "Current" for Startup directory???
:P Good question ! I ought admit that I'm unable to answer. “Mystery and gum” :D

• I performed a test like :
1. Tick that option,
2. Close XnView
3. Open an image-folder in a file-manager keeping it open,
4. Restart XnView = nothing happens, empty screen
- I supposed that it could be the current dir. opened elsewhere in Windows, but it is not…
- Just this point for the moment, because the English wording can't be tested to change¦correct it,
we have not any (requested for ages) English DLL :(

:mrgreen: KR
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Re: Options Revolution finds it way into 1.90... :)

Post by XnTriq »

Everything2.com: [url=http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1066116]current working directory[/url] wrote:The current working directory of a program is likely to be the path from which you started the program given you havn't explicitly set the directory before, or when, launching the program. How the working directory is set is platform specific, as an example, the working directory of a Windows shortcut can be altered though rightclick->properties->start in). CWD for short.
IBM TPF Product Information Center » Glossary: [url=http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/tpfhelp/current/topic/com.ibm.tpf.doc_put.20.1/gtpg3/gtpg3m0q.htm#SPTGTPHW0A]working directory[/url] wrote:The active directory used to resolve path names that do not begin with a slash (/). A working directory can also be referred to as the current directory or the current working directory. A directory, associated with a process, that is used in path name resolution for path names that do not begin with a slash. (POSIX.1) Synonym for current directory, current working directory.
IBM C/C++ Compilers Online Help » Glossary: [url=http://www.lnf.infn.it/Calcolo/doc/aixcxx/html/glossary/c.htm#current%20working%20directory]current working directory[/url] wrote:(1) A directory, associated with a process, that is used in path-name resolution for path names that do not begin with a slash. X/Open, I. (2) In DOS, the directory that is searched when a file name is entered with no indication of the directory that lists the file name. DOS assumes that the current directory is the root directory unless a path to another directory is specified. IBM. (3) In the OS/2 operating system, the first directory in which the operating system looks for programs and files and stores temporary files and output. IBM. (4) In the AIX operating system, a directory that is active and that can be displayed. Relative path name resolution begins in the current directory. IBM.