"Read one image ahead" should cache a high quality

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Just Passing
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"Read one image ahead" should cache a high quality

Post by Just Passing »

Hi, (using 1.90 RC2)

I have the following ticked:

"Read one image ahead"
"Keep current image in cache"
"high Quality Zoom - Reduce"
"Use delayed high quality" = 2048

I have a folder with big images (larger than 2048) and I view them in full screen. When I slowly advance the images, it caches the next image and switching is very quick. However it takes another second or so for the high quality image to appear. My wife keeps saying "why does the picture keep moving".

Why doesn't "Read one image ahead" read the image AND ALSO convert to high quality in the background?

If the user starts advancing very quickly (before it's finished the high quality image) then it could just show the low quality image until it has finished.

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Post by Olivier_G »

Right. It has already been requested here and in other previous threads. If you see any more improvements, please add more comments in the other thread.

I would love to see this for version after 1.90... :P