RIOT Plugin Installer

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RIOT Plugin Installer

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As many of you probably know, there is a RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) addon for XnView created by the XnView author - that is the addon not RIOT itself.
For users that don't know yet about RIOT, this is a free image optimization tool, very handy for reducing the image filesize.

In the past RIOT could be plugged into XnView only manually by copying the required files.
But now the RIOT addon for XnView comes as an easy to use installer.
The installation wizard will locate any supported host applications like XnView, IrfanView or GIMP and and automatically copy files to the proper location. No more troubles with copying FreeImage.dll and RIot.dll in the correct location !

The installer can be downloaded from the RIOT website:
RIOT developer
visit the Radical Image Optimization Tool website