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I am currently using XNView to final process large HiRISE JP2 images.
Detail is very important to me. Color and 'cuteness' are of little importance.
I have had great success with XNView in the work, and haven't any better choice of editor for resampling and final conversion . I routinely use Mitchel currently, and can resize from 3X to 10X with preserved detail and line quality.
Is there any better resampling method for technical detail and line preservation than Mitchel?
Is there a link for accessing controls in the Mitchel process to tune the effects?
Can image sections be 'imported' as smaller JP2's into the XNView editor for processing as JP2's directly from other viewer/editors?
Can the 'reduce noise' effects process be tuned to reduce the original image pixel size 'pixellation' lineations while retaining fine image detail with JP2's and other file types upon resize or resampling?
sincerely, danajohnson,
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Post by Danny »

The big difference is, if you're scaling the image up or down. For example it's better to use bicubic for upscaling, and bilinear for downscaling.
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